copy needs to hit the sweet spot

Why your copy needs to hit the sweet spot

‘Copy’ is anything that is written. Reports, articles, marketing materials, social media posts… they all count as copy.

Copywriters specialise in writing copy that engages audiences, usually for the purposes of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Editors ensure that copy is consistent, clear, adheres to conventions of good writing (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and makes sense. They also check that style rules are followed and that the required tone is maintained throughout.

The sweet spot for good writing is when editing and copywriting come together. You then have writing that is free of errors, flows smoothly, is consistent in tone and messaging, engages the reader and (if applicable) persuades them to take action.

When the two don’t come together, you risk failing to engage your audience or even worse… alienating them. If copy isn’t engaging or persuasive, people won’t understand why they should care about what you do. If it’s badly written and presented, you risk confusing people, coming across as unprofessional, and your products or services being perceived as low-quality.

But get it right and the following happen: 

  1. People will have a high opinion of you and what you do.
  2. They’ll feel like you understand them.
  3. They’ll be clear on the problems you solve and how you can help them.
  4. They’ll be more likely to know, like and trust you, and therefore more likely to engage with you and recommend you to others.

As an editor and copywriter, I can help you hit the sweet spot. I can write your content for you or teach you the skills I use so you can do it yourself. Contact me to find out more.

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