Why I’m A Wordiculturist

Why I’m a wordiculturist

[ wəːdɪˈkʌltʃ(ə)rɪst] noun
An expert in word cultivation or management

I was pottering around in the garden recently, and it struck me that gardening, editing and copywriting are actually very similar.

When I’m writing, I’m planting seeds and making sure that they’ve got everything they need to thrive. Without the right conditions, if the soil is too sandy or there’s too much direct sun, a plant can’t thrive.

Your messaging is similar. You need to communicate in language that your ideal client uses so they will connect with what you’re saying and feel like you ‘get them’. You also want to use the right tone.

When I’m editing, I’m looking at the general health of the writing. Maybe some of the text needs ‘feeding’ so the content makes more sense. I may need to move things around so that the overall look of the garden is better. 

It may even be that something is growing in the wrong place entirely and needs to be dug up, or maybe something has become too ‘leggy’ and just needs a damned good prune to return it to vigour!

I offer done-for-you editing and copywriting services to help your writing flourish, and training so you can become a wordiculturist too. Contact me to find out more.

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