Ensure that the final draft of your copy is high-quality and error-free.

Good writing matters

Why work with a copyeditor?

I know how hard writing can be. It’s easy to get lost when you’re trying to cram everything in that you think your reader needs to know, and sometimes you get buried in jargon and waffle. It’s also easy to miss errors, and a spellchecker is no substitute for a human being when it comes to intended meaning and tone.

Work with me and you’ll have:

Confidence that you’ll have high-quality, well-written copy

Clear communication with your intended audience so they understand your messaging

More time and energy to focus on the things you do best and that matter the most

Consistency and clarity

What does copyediting involve?

Copyediting takes place when you have a final draft of your text and ensures that it is worded appropriately for the intended reader.

The copyediting process checks that:

Grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct
Everything is consistent throughout (for example, abbreviations used and use of UK/US English)
Information is clearly presented and makes sense
Nothing is missing, redundant or contradictory

Contact me to discuss how my copyediting service can help you.

No red pen

Constructive Feedback

You won’t receive your text back covered in red pen (or a digital equivalent) and I won’t peer over the top of my glasses with a stern expression. I’ll support you with encouragement and ideas on ways to improve your messaging to make it clearer and more compelling.

What you can expect:

Comments on what is and isn’t working well, and suggestions to clarify your intended meaning
Anything that is inconsistent or appears to be at odds with your intended audience will be flagged
All changes are tracked so you can review them

Contact me to discuss how my copyediting service can help you.

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